Company News

8-12 September 2008: EMC Europe 2008

T. Abboud, K. Abboud, F. Béreux and J.-L. Lhermitte contribute with 2 papers: "Thin Conducting Sheet (TCS) in 1D FDTD: Theory and Implementation", and "A Thin Conducting Sheet (TCS) Model in 3D FDTD: Implementation and Validation".

18 June 2008: 3 job opportunities
IMACS is hiring 3 research engineers in scientific computing, probability and statistics and signal processing.

8 February 2008 : EADS IW, IMACS and LMS signs a cooperation agreement

Under this agreement, the tree companies will cooperate on integrating Fast Multipole BEM code ActiFMM, developped by EADS IW with the support of IMACS, in LMS Virtual.Lab.

13 July 2007 : IMACS new Web Site

We are glad to release a new version of IMACS web site (still under construction).

4-8 June 2007: SMAI 2007

T. Abboud invited speaker at SMAI 2007 "3ème Congrès National de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles", Praz sur Arly.

21-23 May 2007: 28th AIAA Aeroacoustics Conference

T. Abboud and A. Bennani contribute to "13th AIAA/CEAS AEROACOUSTICS CONFERENCE" together with S. Lidoine from Airbus and I. Terrasse from EADS IW. "Numerical prediction of SDOF-Perforate plate Acoustic Treatment Impedance. Part 1 : Linear domain".

9 March 2007: Séminaire de Mathématiques Appliquées Collège de France

T. Abboud invited to the séminaire de Mathématiques Appliquées organised by Chaire d'Equations aux Dérivées Partielles et Applications, Professeur Pierre-Louis Lions.Title: "Decomposition de domaine multi-échelle et multi-physique pour une modélisation de traitements acoustiques de surface". 11h15, salle 5, 11, place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005 Paris. 

3 Octobre 2006: Partnership with EADS Corporate Research Centre

IMACS and EADS Corporate Research Centre sign a partnership agreement  on the development , industrialization and distribution of scientific softwares. This represents a major stage in a long term successful collaboration between them. 

27 September 2005: T. Abboud receives Blaise Pascal Prize

T. Abboud, head of research at IMACS, has received the 2005 Blaise Pascal Prize from French Académie des Sciences. This prize is awarded in recognition of an outstanding work in the field of applied mathematics and scientific computing in engineering sciences.

11/2005: release of SONATE v4.2

This new release of SONATE contains a new fast solver which allows for an acceleration factor of 2 to 10 with respect to the previous version.