The SONATE© vibro acoustic simulation suite

SONATE© is a software chain for the simulation of vibro-acoustic phenomena. SONATE© has been developped by IMACS using a revolutionary approach to the numerical solution of acoustic models. SONATE© is well-suited to solve any acoustic phenomena. Typical fields of application are :

  • engine noise simulation ( car, airplane, ... ),
  • environmental noise analysis ( traffic, factory, ... )
  • passenger compartment noise level analysis (car, airplane, train, ...),
  • concert hall acoustic performance assessment.

see SONATE© homepage for more information.

The ASERIS electromagnetic simulation suite 

ASERIS© is a collection of solvers for the simulation of electromagnetic phenomena. These solvers have been developed by EADS Innovation Works and are used to model and perform :
  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility analysis,
  • Circuit analysis,
  • Antenna siting analysis,
  • Antenna design,
  • Radar Cross section analysis.
IMACS is the exclusive distributor for the ASERIS software suite.

see ASERIS homepage for more information.