R & D Services

We propose services of very high added value for the simulation and analysis of physical problems :

  • modelling of the problem
  • mathematical and numerical analysis of the problem
  • specification and development of scientific software
We have an acknowledged expertise (see T. Abboud receives Blaise Pascal prize) in the field of :
  • wave phenomena (acoustic, electromagnetic or elastodynamic) in free space or in arrays,
  • modelling and simulation of multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena,
  • meshing algorithm for large structures.

Services around our SONATE and ASERIS products

We propose services around our main software products :

  • tailored developments for dedicated applications,
  • acoustic studies (measurement/simulation correlation, data analysis, ...),
  • electromagnetic studies.

 IT and Training Services

We propose IT services around scientific computing:

  • porting / rewriting of legacy software,
  • optimization, parallelisation of legacy software,
  • fine tuning, library testing, ...
We also propose training around scientific computing (including mathematical as well as practical aspects).

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