About Us

At the heart of scientific computing

IMACS activities are centered around scientific computing and mathematical engineering. IMACS is organized around two poles :

  • development of innovative numerical techniques for wave equations and multi-scale / multi-physics coupling
  • scientific simulation software development
  • legacy scientific software porting, rewrite and optimization
  • legacy scientific software vectorization and parallelisation
  • numerical studies using our in-house software tools
  • SONATE vibro-acoustic simulation software (using retarded potential method)
  • ASERIS electromagnetics simulation suite (including EMC/shielding analysis, FMM kernel, parallel versions, ...)

With its highly qualified team of experts and engineers, IMACS is dedicated to provide efficient and accurate answers to today industrial scientific challenges.


  • IMACS was founded in 1994 by Toufic Abboud, a senior mathematics researcher. It is a spin-off from the CMAP (Ecole Polytechnique Applied Mathematics laboratory) .
  • development of an innovative technique for the solution of wave equations problems (acoustic, electromagnetics/optics, elastodynamics, ...)
  • release of SONATE v1.0 in 1999, the first commercial software for acoustics implementing retarded potential methods
  • IMACS develops the mesher in the jCAE project (in collaboration with EADS)
  • IMACS is selected as exclusive distributor of the ASERIS software suite of EADS electromagnetics solvers in 2005

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